Turnkey project: seawater filtration pilot plant

Design, manufacture and turnkey supply of a 0.5-2m3/h pilot seawater filtration plant, mounted on a self-transportable skid with removable and weatherproof filtration columns.

seawater filtration pilot plant

SETAᴾᴴᵀ, which focuses its activity on the design, manufacture and commissioning of plants for the treatment of water for both human consumption and industrial use, is currently working on a pilot filtration plant for seawater.

Specifically, this new project is a fully customised project adapted to very specific technical specifications. Moreover, it is being manufactured entirely in SETAᴾᴴᵀ’s workshops, allowing the customer to see the evolution of the plant first hand.

The filtration plant manufactured by SETAᴾᴴᵀ will have a production range of 0.5-2m3/h and will be built on a skid, a stainless steel structure, self-transportable inside a 20-foot sea container.

This plant will have a granular filtration process by means of two columns where the different filter media to be tested, such as sand, anthracite, etc., will be loaded. These columns, which are expected to work in parallel, will have a diameter of DN250 and be three metres high. In addition to being made of transparent PVC, which is suitable for outdoor use and allows the process to be viewed, they have a design that can be dismantled in two sections to facilitate their transport.

To supply the plant with seawater via a pipeline, a 500-litre HDPE tank will be included with a float-type feed valve and a minimum level for the protection of the feed pump, which will drive the water to the filtration columns.

Finally, the plant will include a small power and control panel that will incorporate all the manoeuvres to automatically supervise the correct operation of the filtration process.