SETAᴾᴴᵀ contributes to the modernisation of the water infrastructure in Oneşti, Romania

State-of-the-art ultrafiltration system with a production capacity of 556 m³/h

infraestructura de agua

In an outstanding international collaboration, SETAᴾᴴᵀ is working on the design, manufacture, testing, assembly, commissioning and training of a state-of-the-art ultrafiltration system. This system, with a production capacity of 556 m³/h, is composed of 4 main lines and an additional line in stand-by mode, thus guaranteeing continuous and efficient operation.

The project is being carried out in close cooperation with the OCIDE Group, specifically for its subsidiary in Romania, OCSA CSI SRL. This ultrafiltration system will be implemented in the city of Oneşti, as part of the “Rehabilitation of the Oneşti – Bacău wastewater treatment plant” contract signed by OCIDE to modernise the water treatment facilities in Bacău County.

The Oneşti WWTP, with a population equivalent of 41,500 inhabitants, will undergo a comprehensive transformation including pre-treatment, conventional biological activated sludge treatment, tertiary treatment and digestion, tertiary treatment and anaerobic sludge digestion.

SETAᴾᴴᵀ is proud to participate in the modernisation of the water and wastewater networks in the municipality of Oneşti, a project that comprehensively addresses the challenges associated with wastewater treatment, significantly improving the quality of the water returned to the environment.

With its advanced ultrafiltration system, SETAᴾᴴᵀ will not only ensure the operational efficiency of the wastewater treatment plant, but will also contribute to compliance with the highest environmental standards.