SETAᴾᴴᵀ supplies the membrane verification unit for Shuqaiq 4

The design, manufacture and supply of this unit is destined for the desalination plant in Saudi Arabia.

SETAᴾᴴᵀ successfully completes the design and manufacture of a membrane verification unit for the Shuqaiq 4 seawater desalination plant in Saudi Arabia.

This newly supplied membrane verification unit is intended for the testing, verification and resetting of operating parameters of the desalination plant, Shuqaiq 4, which is expected to produce 400,000 cm3/d.

This new plant located in Saudi Arabia is a project awarded to the consortium formed by the Spanish company Acciona Agua and Al-Rashid Trading & Contracting Co.

The Shuqaiq 4 desalination plant, together with the Shuaiba 5 plant, are part of an initiative by the Saudi country to maximise asset utilisation by replacing the plants’ thermal technologies with the much cheaper and higher quality reverse osmosis technology, with the aim of doubling the production and supply of desalinated water while reducing annual costs.

With this work, and other membrane verification units, SETAᴾᴴᵀ contributes to the ambitious water desalination project in Saudi Arabia. The innovative technology developed by SETAᴾᴴᵀ will play a crucial role in the optimisation of the Shuqaiq 4 plant, contributing to the improvement and efficiency of desalinated water production.